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Welcome to Golden Bayon Guesthouse Seim Reap Cambodia

Welcome to Golden Bayon Guesthouse in Seim reap town Cambodia. Golden bayon Guesthouse has 15 rooms Air -condition, private bathroom, hot shower system, Cable TV, mini bar, towel, Comd toothprush, free wifi,incloding some snack in the morning. Golden bayon Guesthouse very good location ,directly opposite a lovely Riverside promenade park with well maintained flowering gardens and lovely, tall old trees . With newly refurbished rooms and modern amenities, Golden Bayon Guesthouse offers exceptional value for money combination a high standard European of modern  comfort traditional khmer professional, style and elegance,we have offer airport transfer to guesthouse free of charge, also we have free coffe, tea in guest rooms on lobby has very good disign by bomboo.


Goden Bayon provide Transportation Service

      Phnom Penh <--> Battom Bong

Phnom Penh <-->Siem Reap
      Phnom Penh <--> Sihanoukville

Booking: 089 22 19 19/ 010 966 968